15 Feb 2007

The idiots guide

1st Tip If you have this travel addiction, you are going to see different people from what so ever parts in the world, and you probably will have a pre-expectations about the place and the people you are visiting, take care this is the first mistake in your trip, the media is your source to build this expectations and it is not always true, people are not like what you see on TV, not all the Chinese are tuff and cold machines, and you don't have to get sex in the first moment in Poland, Africa can be heaven on earth, just if you ready to see it like that.

2nd Tip Search for the nearest artist or writers forum, it could be a bar in Malta, an oriental café in Alexandria or a friend house in Malaysia, this is the thing you have to visit instead of monuments, what makes the pyramids so beautiful is those Egyptians who build it. Search for the spirit of the place, it could be a chat with an ignorant Taxi driver, a taste of milk in a Turkish coffee in a small coffee shop in Syria, just keep your eyes open.

3rt Tip Always remembers, the world is not what you see, it is what you don't see, so keep your mouth shut and listen to me till the end.

4th Tip Do not categorizes people. Ghandhi was wearing bed sheets and a broken glass, Bob Marley stinks, and so does Bahz. There is a tiny little wonderful thing in the people mentality you need to discover to build your own brain, make your mission to discover it.

5th Tip Civilized people are not hose in Air condition's offices, they are not those whom used to lock them selves in a certain class society, they are those people whom are willing to learn, to live like idiots.

Ultimate Tip Live like an idiot, but live happily


Sampateek said...

دو يو سبيك لندن؟

Bahz Baih said...

yes i does

مصـ( الخير )ـعب said...

آي سبيك لندن فيري بيست
بيست تفاح!