19 Sep 2006

Day in Heaven

I am sorry that i will not write in Arabic as i used to do, as in where i am i don't have an Arabic keyboard and i hate too much the francoarab writing, and as well i would like to try writing in English.
In where I am, i can only see Green areas, even the mountains are green, in Poland every thing is nice, streets are nice, bars are nice, and girls are very nice.
Actually I started this trip with about 200 photos in the camera memory, and after about three hours the memory became full and i still need to document the moments i am having, this why i am writing now .... there is a lot to record.
we -6 countries group- started this trip at 9am, going to the mountains, which are really wonderful, the name is Szczelinies mountains , and they are located in the boarders of Poland and Czech Republic, it is considered as an environment protected area, where you can not smoke, climb trees, or even kill a snake, we have'nt met any snakes but it was some thing that we got afraid of... we had to climb 665 steps to get to the top of the mountain, then go through a heavy, slippy rocks, in which they call "Hell", to finally reach a very cool, smoothly place called "heaven", where you can feel that you are on the top of the world.
Now we are setting in a nice cafe, people from Egypt, Somalia, Netherlands,Germany, Israel and Poland, Drinking a very nice cafe latte in front of a blue lake, and a green park with some Polish rock music in the background, totally of-line, that i hardly found a pen and a paper to write this shit, now i have to go to join them at the lake and see you guys later.....:)

* By the way the city i am visiting right now called Kudowa Zdroj , but i am staying in another beautiful city called Warclow.