5 Mar 2010

The Ignorant news Maker

How often you have read in your local news paper about disasters and terror action? How often did you read in your local news paper about specific ethnic group who did or doing or going to do something horrible to the society?

And tell me how often did you read about a group of bloggers whom are gathering against some cause (women rights, child abuse, immigrant rights)? How often did you read about civil society success stories?

The fact is that main stream media focus more on Bad stories get to my nerves, they argue that good news is not news, and Utopia don’t have a news papers. Well in my opinion it is the lack of creativity from the side of news makers, they tend to say that they are intellectual and everything but how many of them did read the development report, how many did follow the extra-ordinary work of civil activist in their effort for change.

Today I was in a workshop in the Anna Lindh forum 2010, and the title of the workshop was ‘reporting across cultures media and perspectives” , and I want to comment on one issue. one of the ALF Media taskforce where complaining about their rights, this one was talking about how she (as an un-valid Egyptian) is suffering from discrimination in the Egyptian society; While she have never heard about (Kolena Layla),which is an Egyptian Movement for Female bloggers that have been on the ground for three years now fighting for women rights in Egypt, the same country that the reporter is coming from and covering its news. The fact is that Main Stream media don’t care about people positive efforts, only makes the people less active and their efforts dies in vain. The question I want to rise … what shall be done to educate that ignorant news Maker so he can make news out of good news and still sell?

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